Norwest Networks News

January 3, 2020

Norwest Networks in Arizona!

Norwest Networks is currently in the process of doing discovery for homeowners' associations in Arizona. Bringing high speed internet, cable, and phone service to a new area is always an exciting time for Norwest Networks! If you have any questions about our latest plans for expansion, please contact us and let us know! Read More..

December, 17, 2019

Live Chat Service now available

Live chat is now up and running! Hours of operation have not been decided upon yet. At the moment, if someone isn't able to answer your chat request, you will be able to email us via the live chat form located on the bottom right of the page. As a reminder, the company website is currently under construction. The community forum is already up and running so, if you have any questions or, just want to stop by and say hi, feel free to register and make a post. Otherwise, feel free to browse what information is available on the website to learn more about Norwest Networks. Read More..

May 10, 2019

Community Forum Live - Website Under construction!

Soon paying subscribers will be able to access and manage their accounts online. Subscribers will be able to conveniently pay their bill, access customer service tools, engage in a community discussion on the forum, check for service availability,upgrade and manage their TV, Internet, and Voice plans.As more customer support solutions are deployed on the website, it may become unclear what might be the best option to contact us. Below are a list of some services we are currently offering and some that will be offered as soon as the site is complete. Read More..