Norwest Networks and COVID-19

COVID and Norwest Networks

In the last few months, we’ve all had to face extreme challenges that we never imagined we’d be facing. The understanding, flexibility and loyalty that our customers have demonstrated has filled us with immense gratitude.

Norwest Networks will be offering support every step of the way

As an essential service, we’re grateful we can use our resources to best serve our customers, colleagues and communities. Quickly transitioning our workforce to serve clients remotely across the country helped us achieve our top priority: continuing to provide services while keeping everyone safe. And we’ll continue to respond with changes needed to support our customers, because in times like these, we have an obligation to try to do our very best.

We’ve been able to offer assistance to customers impacted by COVID-19 while continuing to provide service through all channels — digital, phone, and chat. And we are pleased to assist all small businesses in need, the lifeblood of our communities.

Assisting those in need

The pandemic has been devastating for so many, making it more important than ever to reach out with a helping hand. Most of all, we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue serving and assisting you during this extraordinary time, now and in the future.

Norwest Networks stands with all impacted by COVID-19!