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Welcome to Norwest Networks

Founded In Lynden, WA priding ourselves on a strong sense of community.

Norwest Networks started in 2008, as Wi-Fi-Tech, in Lynden, Washington. We began selling, configuring and installing small business and home (SOHO) routers and setting up small networks. Over, the last 10 years, Norwest has been installing residential and small business internet connectivity hardware, fiber cable, repairs and termination. Since, 2015 we have been engaged in designing, deploying, and managing enterprise systems with Cisco enterprise routers and switches. Our CEO has over 20 years as an earthworks contractor and Civil Engineering Technician. This allows us to discuss and work closely with contractors, developers, engineers, architects, and all tradesman in the construction industry.

We have found a need in the market and are actively working at filling it. We are partnering with one of the largest Micro - Wave broadband internet providers. There are only a handful of other companies in Washington State and no other that provides the same level of service and coverage that Norwest Networks receives from this company. Our relationship and experiences with this Internet provider, has allowed us to discover an excellent opportunity for growth. Our company goal is to advance our experience, drive, and business model throughout Washington State communities with a scalable, resilient, and reliable communication/entertainment service that they can rely on. We will offer last mile Internet, TV and VoIP to remote communities. Depending on the structure of a community, we can support them by bringing in high-speed internet, television, and phone services. Through our services, we introduce fiber optics to the community and the latest in electronic hardware to deliver a superior internet experience.

Currently, we are developing broadband Internet services for Multiple Dwelling Units, and other properties. Norwest Networks, Inc. promotes the opportunity for their tenants or, their members to have access to a fiber optic network with up to a 1 Gigabit Internet speed. Each unit (apartment, condominium, or lot) will have a fiber optic drop cable. Our Fiber optic connection offers subscribers package choices from 25 mbps up to 1000 mbps. Fiber optics offer a significantly more stable and symmetrical bandwidth connection that, standard coaxial or Ethernet connections are unable to support. Fiber Optics are symmetrical; therefore, subscribers can experience nearly the same upload speed as they receive when downloading.

Many new construction apartments, condominiums and homes are being wired with coaxial only. This means little to no Ethernet cabling unless it is a custom build. We have visited and spoken to several home builders and MDU developers and electricians that have informed us that the reason for this is the cable companies use coax as their primary feed to their customers. We see an opportunity here. We bringing fiber to the properties and we will provide a much more scalable, reliable and long lasting service to the property owners and subscribers.

We have designed and installed fiber optics for businesses and, we have experienced the benefits of a fiber optic plant. Some of these benefits include...

  • Affordability
  • Fiber will deliver the bandwidth reliability and low cost to meet the consumer demands beyond the next few decades.
  • Fiber is preferred over copper wiring
  • Fiber carries the signal farther than copper. Signal traveling through Fiber travels up to 15 miles without signal degradation. Signal traveling through copper begins losing signal within a few hundred yards. This results in copper requiring additional equipment to boost signal.
  • Fiber cable is thin, making it easier to handle and install.
  • Fiber to the home not only makes sense for the end subscriber but for the developer too. Fiber will add value to the home, unit, and property. Consumers who crave a fast and reliable internet connection will be attracted to a property that already has fiber installed.
  • Our Services include:

    • Up to 1 gbps Internet through Fiber Optic Service Line
    • Wireless Internet Connectivity to select properties that cannot get a physical fiber connection from one of our providers.
    • GPON - Gigabit Passive Optical Network - Fiber Plant
    • Router/Modem Sales and Rentals
    • Installations
    • Fiber Plant Design and Installation
    • Network Management, Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Repairs
    • Maintain a local or toll-free telephone number and web access portal which shall be available to its subscribers twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week
    • Online Payments
    • Online Forum
    • Customer Service - Representatives available to respond to customer inquiries during normal business hours
    • In house service technicians and Service Trucks

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